CSS proudly offers a variety of flagging services to meet your project budget and scope.

Flagger Package 1 (P1)*
2 Flaggers
In P1, two(2) flaggers are sent to your requested location to help direct traffic or pedestrians. The traffic plan and temporary condition signs required are solely the responsibility of the persons contracting the work.


Flagger Package 2 (P2)
2 Flaggers + Signs
Like P1, this package also includes standard temporary condition signs, as requested by the persons contracting the work. It is still the responsibility of the persons contracting the work to include a traffic plan.


Flagger Package 3 (P3)
2 Flaggers + Signs + Detailed Traffic Plan
Like P2, this package also includes a detailed traffic plan.

*Additional flaggers can be sent to your jobsite at your request, for an additional fee.

In situations where the persons contracting our services only request two(2) flaggers, it is the responsibility of whom ever is in charge to provide two(2) fifteen minute breaks, and one(1) half hour lunch break and their expense.