Construction Services

Construction Support Services offers a variety of traffic management services and plans to meet the demands of your projects. Our services comprise lane-closures, detour highways and two-way traffic, flagging and signs for special occasions, railroad crossing detours, and so much more. Our team will help you design a well-organized plan before you hire our services.

At CSS, you will get a wide range of tools and equipment for your construction services project, including arrow panels, attenuators, barricades, and channelizers, along with message boards, safety cones, safety barriers, and so on.

Contact us today for any long term project quotes and day-to-day business pricing. If you have any questions regarding our products, availability, or cost estimation, our supervisors are always on-line to serve you.


Traffic Plan / Site Consultation

Let the experts take care of it for you.

Let the experts take care of it for you.
We offer free quotes and consultations to help you determine the best and safest traffic control solution.

Construction Services

Lane Closure

A Lane Closure is any partial or complete closure of one or more lanes of traffic moving in a single direction. This method of traffic control does not inhibit the ability for motorists to travel in either direction.

A TCP is not typically required to direct traffic in this situation but will remain vigilant to monitor the work area and any hidden accessways such as driveways or parking areas that may be affected.


Flagging Operations

Flagging operations require our TCP team to regulate, monitor and direct motorists around a work area.

This type of traffic control is essential when a work zone will no longer allow traffic to flow safely in either direction, or a single lane must be shared for both directions of traffic.


Pedestrian Control

Pedestrian Control often goes hand to hand with other forms of traffic control but can be required on its own. Construction sites can often be confusing to navigate for pedestrians, so it’s always good to have a lending hand guide through safely.

A few key examples would be work downtown in major tourist locations, indoor work inside of a hospital or mall, or assisting visually impaired persons.


Mobile / Rolling Closure

Mobile closures are like a regular lane closure but are typically only in one place for less than 30 minutes.

Rolling or Mobile closures are typically used for projects like road crack sealing, road cleaning, emptying catch basins or quick overhead / pole work.


Events / Parking Management

We can help with all aspects of traffic and pedestrian control for your event.